Review of some Aston West Space Opera by T.M. Hunter

I'm a friend of Mr. Hunter's and I'm always excited when he releases more Aston West stories. Aston is my favorite space pirate and his adventures are always fun and exciting. 

What's cool is that Hunter has bundled his many Aston West space shinanigans into three story sets called "Triple Shots." He has five collections of such bundles and all are worth checking out. 

Here's my review of his latest:

Sweet Embrace and Other Adventures 

by T. M. Hunter 

Published by Crosshairs Press, 2015 (about 35 pages)

Three more Aston West adventures centering around the space pirate/smuggler's relationship with a relative newcomer to the smuggling game, knock-out beauty Diedra Cane. 

In tale number one, Conventional Wisdom, Aston gets in and out of a sticky situation...with a little help from Diedra. In the second story, Sweet Embrace, we see a more compassionate side to Aston, grace under fire, if you will. And finally, he wins the day in Ridealong, the third story where Cane's naivete once again gets our hero into a bit of trouble. 

If you like space opera, wild adventure, and a turnabout storyline, these triple shots are just the thing for a quick lunch break escape or bedtime reading.


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