Review of How to Write Pulp Fiction by James Scott Bell

How to Write Pulp Fiction
by James Scott Bell
Compendium Press (October 2017)

Okay, maybe not a 5 star end-all beat-all, but for what it is - a quick handbook and overview of what goes into writing pulp fiction - it was really pretty good. Insightful and entertaining. 

I liked the fact it contained a lot of primary source advice from the original pulp writers; and some good resources and "where to look" links as well. Recommended for writers of all genres, I would think.

Another reviewer, Armand Rosamilia, a prolific writer of short stories of horror, zombies, contemporary fiction, thrillers, and more, described Bell's book positively as "a refresher course" for those who are fans of pulp fiction, concluding that he "took away a lot of new tricks to use." 

So did I. Now if only I could actually put them into practice by writing something! Are you a fan of pulp? Have you tried your hand at fast-paced adventures? Let me know!


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