A Few Short Stories Reviewed

I went to a writer's workshop and made a number of new acquaintances. Among them, Stefon Mears and Michael Warren Lucas. They are both prolific writers and publish their projects regularly. I linked to their Amazon profiles - check them out!

Here is just a sampling of two or three short stories of theirs. 


The Final Survey of Andrei Kreutzmann by Stefon Mears

On a deep space prospecting trip, Andrei Kreutzmann finds a planet valuable enough to set him up for life. Buy a new ship. Maybe even win back his lost love.

Unfortunately, the imperial military recalls him to active duty. His old captain, now a marshal, orders him to scout a key strategic sector. Andrei can't refuse...and flies straight into a trap.

My take: This was a fun, short read, an enjoyable slice of life, space opera style.


Michael Warren Lucas writes SF as well, and one short story of his (among others!) grabbed my attention:

No More Lonesome Blue Rings by Michael Warren Lucas

My take: This short story was free on Amazon (but worth purchasing if it's for sale) and offers an intriguing SF off-world premise. 

Disease and disabilities figure prominantly into the plot and the main character's surpise decision at the end left me pondering her motivation and the upended theme of the story - as most good SF scenarios do.

Both authors are worth tracking down. Who have you discovered lately that you'd recommend? 


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