Review of Becalmed by Kris Rusch


Becalmed by Kris Rusch
A Diving Universe Novella
From WMG Publishing, 2012

This is a straight up SF novella within Rusch's fairly expansive Diving Universe. I've read a few of her books in this series, including Diving into the Wreck (book 1) and Boneyards (book 3, see my review here). Somehow I missed book 2, City of Ruins, but will get to it eventually.

Rusch also writes short stories in this universe and has many of them published in mainstream magazines like Asimov's. In this novella, we have a ship stuck in deep space ('becalmed') after an inter-species conflict. The only person who can provide the key to the war's beginning is a survivor too traumatized to remember. 

As with most of her science fiction books, this has a solid premise, employs good writing, and has a unique voice. I wouldn't be surprised if these stories get picked up for some streaming series on Amazon or Netflix. Recommended for SF and space opera fans.


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