My Short Stories at Feedbooks for Free

Check out my Feedbooks Profile for free short stories downloadable as PDF, EPUB, or Kindle (mobi) files. It's painless, especially if you have a Wi-Fi connected e-reader. I got a new Kindle for Christmas (version 3 - the b/w reader) and I used it's basic web browser to navigate to Feedbooks and then transfered my stories to my device. Easy peasy.

I have only three stories up at this point, but you might be interested in my type of humorous flash fiction. Check them out and let me know what you think of the process (and the stories!).

1. Billy Farnsworth Zombie Hunter (Zombie/humor)

Whenever Billy and his dad set out to bag some Z's they inevitably return to face something far worse for them waiting at home. (These two humorous flash fictions first appeared in Bewildering Stories.)

2. Spam Fiction (Sci-Fi/satire)

When Alan Smittee discovers how to convert garbled spam email text into flash fiction, anything is possible. (This short story first appeared in Every Day Fiction.)

3. Even Superheroes! (Fan Fic/humor)

When Mr. Clark and Mr. Wayne are caught touring a nursing home, you know the days of their heroics are coming to an end. (This short story first appeared in ResAliens Zine.)

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