2 Questions for Andrea Graham

Interviewing Andrea Graham, who is the assistant editor of Laser & Sword Magazine and a freelance editor at POV Boot Camp. She also reviews books from a Christian worldview at Ask Andrea.

1. What are you reading?

Since I'm a reviewer, I read mainly ARCs sent to me by publishers. My reviewer site's main feature is an advice column, so I get a lot of books on Christian living and relationships. But I also just finished reading a middle reader novel and the next one I need to read is an adult speculative fiction title. Overall, in recent years I've read a lot of fantasy, and a little romance, fiction wise. And it shows.

2. What are you writing?

I'm currently in the beta reading stages of a romantic science fantasy about an ex-Christian vegan feminist stranded on an matriarchal alt-earth with a deposed queen and a men's libber in hiding from a knight who could crucify him if he's captured. Anyone who would like to be added to my list should contact me at any of my websites.

RA: Thanks, Andrea, for taking time to answer the 2 Q's :-) As part of your beta group I look forward to reading your latest! Best wishes in all your projects.

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Andrea Graham said...

You're welcome, and thank you!