2 Questions for R. L. Copple

Interviewing R. L. Copple, a writer of fantasy and science fiction stories. Along with several short stories and flashes published online, he has two published books: Infinite Realities and Transforming Realities. He keeps us up to date at RLCopple.com.

1. What are you reading?

Two books: Seabird by Sherry Thompson and League of Superheroes by Stephen Rice. The first is fantasy and the second science fiction. I'm reading them mainly because they sounded like interesting books, and hoping I can do a review of them.

2. What are you writing?

I have the last book of the Reality Series out with beta readers tentatively titled, The Reality. Polishing a space opera called Mind Game I hope to sell, and doing a rewrite of the first science fiction novel I wrote that made me decide to start writing fiction titled Worlds Apart.

RA: Thanks, Rick, for giving us an update on your projects. And best wishes at FenCon next month in Dallas where I see you are a panel guest! If you want more of Copple's work, listen to Ray Gun Radio, a popular Space Opera Podcast he hosts and produces.

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