2 Questions for Grace Bridges

Interviewing Grace Bridges, a Kiwi of Irish descent, a sci-fi author (Faith Awakened, 2007, and Legendary Space Pilgrims, coming soon), and the owner of Splashdown Books, an independent publisher of inspirational sci-fi and fantasy.

1. What are you reading?

Currently: The Battle for Vast Dominion by George Bryan Polivka, book three of the Trophy Chase trilogy. I really enjoy his writing style and depth of expression. In fact I even caught myself wishing he'd turn his hand to sci-fi, though I do realize that may be equally ineffective as telling yours truly to have a go at fantasy. But even if sci-fi runs hot in my veins, I do enjoy reading a good fantasy - and Bryan's Firefish stories are some of the best you can get.

2. What are you writing?

Good question. I'm knee deep in the first draft of Godspeed, which is the sequel to Faith Awakened, however I have to say that I'm not really working much on that at present. I have started up Splashdown Books as an independent publisher and I've got a lot of work to do if I want my first two titles to appear for Christmas. One is a new edition of Faith Awakened, and the other is a wonderful fantasy called
The Muse, from my first contracted author, Fred Warren. Then there are the final edits for Legendary Space Pilgrims, and a first draft called CyberDublin languishing in need of a secondary plotline. I'll get to that next year, Lord willing.

RA: Thanks, Grace for the updates. Readers might be interested to know that Grace is a chocoholic cat-lovin' Trekkie, Jesus freak, web designer, and all-round DIY gal who also takes care of the Lost Genre Guild blog. You can find her at GraceBridges.com and on Twitter: @gracebridges.

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