Top 3 Winners

Top 3 Micro-Fiction: Exceptional Stories

Congratulations, Winners!
1st Place - Another Point of View by Dan Devine
2nd Place - Monsters by Alex Moisi
3rd Place - Agent Nineteen by Stoney M. Setzer


First Place...
Another Point of View
© 2007 Dan Devine

I've got to get out of here. I don't belong.

The other patients are all nuts, really nuts. They frighten me.

I know I'm not crazy but no one will speak to me. Doctors ignore my protests, pretend I'm not there.

Why? They don't treat anyone else that way. They talk to my roommate constantly. Ask him
questions, scold him for the wrong answers, adjust his meds.

I worry about him. They put him on new drugs and keep talking about how he's getting so much better.

But whenever he takes them, he acts like I'm invisible too.

Dan Devine is a slightly disgruntled scientist who'd much rather be writing books for a living. In 2006 he decided to focus more on his writing and has had several stories published online. Dan is the author of the novella, War on the Blind Sea, which he made available to each participant in the contest. Thank you Dan, and congratulations!


Second Place...
© 2007 Alex Moisi

“Can you check for monsters?”

My dad sighs and leaves.

“Please, Dad!” I scream after him.

“Alex, go to sleep!”

“Daddy, please.” I smirk, looking cute.

“Do you promise to go to sleep if I check?”


“This is not about me grounding you? You really are scared?”

I nod, sobbing. “I heard it under the bed.”

My dad sighs again. Holding his new tie, he leans down and peers into the dark.

“There is no—” Suddenly, a furry, blue hand drags him under.

“That'll be five cookies, kid,” the blue monster growls as I lean back, smiling.

Alex Moisi is a Romanian student in the States who has picked up writing as a hobby and got addicted to it. His first published story, Up or Down, appeared here at ResAliens. You'll also notice that he has 3 stories in the top eight! Great work, Alex.


Third Place...
Agent Nineteen
© 2007 Stoney M. Setzer

“Agent Eighteen has fallen. Deploy Agent Nineteen!”

Nineteen scouted the area cautiously and darted into the open. Today would be glorious, for both the Empire and himself. Under his armor he carried the bio-weapon that would annihilate the Giants at last. The Empire would then reclaim the world that was rightfully theirs, and the deaths of his fallen comrades would be avenged, thanks to him! He just had to...

“Harold! A roach! Kill it!”

Nineteen looked up, saw a Giant’s foot rushing down toward him...

“Agent Nineteen has fallen. Deploy Agent Twenty...”

Stoney M. Setzer is a married father of two with teaches middle school in Griffin, GA. Stoney's Awakening was the first unsolicited submission ResAliens accepted and we have had the privilege of publishing a second story from him, In the Shadow of the Sphinx. Congratulations, Stoney!


Again, congratulations Dan, Alex, and Stoney! For information on the judging process, please read A Word from the Editor by Lyn Perry. Also, a 'Thank You' goes to Donna Sundblad who provided a free e-book to the winners.