Best of Show

Best of Show: Excellent Micro-Fiction

The Football Game by Steve Doyle
Surf's Up by Mike Lynch
Today's Solution by Charles Hightower
Moments by Alex Moisi
Memories by Alex Moisi


The Football Game
© 2007 Steve Doyle

Canceled. The Thanksgiving Day game. Jefferson vs Hamilton. The silver thing hovered in the sky, a hundred yards up. As big as the football field, it had arrived that morning. The Army cordoned off the area, soldiers ran everywhere. So “The Game” was canceled. Disappointed fans dispersed. The rivalry between these two schools was legendary. They'd played some of the greatest games in high school history. Word had spread far and wide. Very far and very wide. They had traveled a long, long way to see this game. But now it wouldn't be played. Because They came.

Steve Doyle is a member of Elfwood, the Herscher Project and the Lost Genre Guild. He is currently working on his first novel and is also a contributor to the anthology, Light at the Edge of Darkness.


Surf's Up
© 2007 Mike Lynch

A stiff breeze kicked up. Lane Devareau lay prostrate on his surfboard five miles out. The perfect spot by his calculations.

Several thunderclaps sounded in the sky. The asteroid, which had been hurtling towards Earth, flew overhead, slamming into the ocean somewhere beyond the horizon.

“Surf’s up!” he shouted.

Lane began paddling, determined not to miss the greatest ride of his life. As the ocean floor shallowed, the energy within the wave built up into a wall of water one thousand feet high. He flew down the sheer face as he passed by the Statue of Liberty, and into eternity.

Mike Lynch's first book, Dublin, was released by Arcadia Press in July 2007. His first novel, When the Sky Fell, co-authored with Brandon Barr, is scheduled for release by Silver Leaf Books in February 2008.


Today's Solution
© Charles Hightower

Hands clasped, Li said, "Premiere Wen Jiabao will be ecstatic!"

Dr. Chen gestured for caution. "First, we must perform hundreds of tests: dexterity, intellect, emotional stability." He gazed at the woman on the examination table, apparent age about twenty, face clearly Asian, skin dewy wet from the cloning vats. He brushed a strand of black hair away from unfocused, slowly blinking eyes. "Who in the People's Republic of China could have predicted?"


"The law dictating one child per family. Females aborted as undesirable. A generation of forty million Chinese men with no possible mate."

Li grinned. "Until now."

Charles Hightower's Jump Into History won 1st Place in ElectricDragonCafe.com's recent competition for Alternate History short fiction. He is a member of The Internet Writing Workshop.


© 2007 Alex Moisi

I float surrounded by millions of my kin. It is perfect harmony with existence itself. Such precious, tender harmony, a slight twist, by microns and life would change, but we are one will and we thrive in harmony. We are an ocean of peace and silence. Yet suddenly the sky above bursts open. We twist hopelessly and harmony is lost. We swim without a goal and I feel death surrounding us. We burn and die but at least sacrificing ourselves we restore tranquility and I die content.

"There son, the bleeding stopped. Now stop picking your scabs."

Alex Moisi is a Romanian student in the States who has picked up writing as a hobby and got addicted to it. Alex entered three stories in this contest and all three are in the top eight!


© 2007 Alex Moisi

I smile as my grandfather reaches in the book shelf for an old photo album.

"Come on, I believe you." I say almost laughing.

"No, no. I'll prove it." When he finally gets the album it's all dusty and yellow.

"How old is that thing?" I ask surprised.

"Pretty old, look at this."

The picture my grandfather points at shows a young man next to sign reading 'Liberal College'.

"It's fake." I say unconvinced "That's not you."

"It doesn't matter, schools still existed. No chips, just old fashioned brain memorizing."

I slowly shake my head, grandpa was always crazy.

Alex Moisi is a Romanian student in the States who has picked up writing as a hobby and got addicted to it. ResAliens was pleased to accept his first published story, Up or Down.