Issue Number 4

Residential Aliens
Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars

"The Seven Stars" Cover Art © Sarah Perry

Special Micro-Fiction Edition
Issue 4 - October, 2007

Top 3 Micro-Fiction: Exceptional Flash Stories
1st Place - Another Point of View by Dan Devine
2nd Place - Monsters by Alex Moisi
3rd Place - Agent Nineteen by Stoney Setzer

Best of Show
: Excellent Micro-Fiction
The Football Game by Steve Doyle
Surf's Up by Mike Lynch
Today's Solution by Charles Hightower
Moments by Alex Moisi
Memories by Alex Moisi

Near the Top: Well Told Tales
The Cookie Jar by Amaryllis Torres
Raynar the Broken by John Schuler
Hero by Brandon Barr
Cube Farm Madness by Alethea Knight
Green Man Snot by Kenneth Cross

Honorable Mentions: Solid Shorts
Sacrificial Love by Donna Sundblad
Gabriel's Carpet by Orin Melvin
Turning Out the Lights by Ben Schumaker
Bellux Prime by Mike Lynch
Cut! by Mike Lynch
Life Line by Brandon Barr
Mirror, Mirror, on the Screen by R. L. Copple
Airborne by Robin D. Ader
The Machine by Nick Peterson
The Road Leads On by Karen McSpadden

Special Sampler: Editor's Choice
The Letter by James K. Bowers
New Taste Sensation by K. Schwyn
Show, Don't Tell by Lyn Perry
Butterfly by Stephanie Schauer
The Colors Story by Selena Thomason

A Word from the Editor by Lyn Perry

Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars
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