Residential Aliens Anthology

Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars

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Showcasing 17 short stories from featured ResAliens authors Andy Bowers, James K Bowers, Rob Carr, Patrick G Cox, D S Crankshaw, Merrie Destefano, Dan Devine, George L Duncan, Dave Gudeman, Rick McQuiston, Alex Moisi, Lyndon Perry, Curtis Schweitzer, Stoney M Setzer, G Glyn Shull Jr, and Gerry Sonnenschein.

Plus 7 never-before-published spec fiction found only in Residential Aliens Anthology, Volume 1:

The Golden Laughter of the Sun
A Spacehawk Adventure by George L Duncan
Author of the newly released A Red Wine Silence (Capstone Fiction)
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Harry and the Thinking Machine
A Harry & Ferghal Adventure by Patrick G Cox
Author of the new book Out of Time (AuthorHouse)
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You Use What You've Got
A Mutant Hero Story by Dan Devine
Author of the novella War on the Blind Sea (Free ebook at Lulu.com)
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Coloring Book Garden
A Tale of Inner Struggle by Andy Bowers
Writing as Arthur Ford in Superlative Tales (Ink & Feather Comics)
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Nana's Story
A Story from the Old Country by James K Bowers
Founder of The Herscher Project.
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Combatant's Glory
An Investigator Aren Shel Huern Story by G Glyn Shull Jr
The Original Christian Soldier blogs from Iraq.
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A Story of Spiritual Warfare by Stoney M Setzer
Author of In the Shadow of the Sphinx (ResAliens, Issue 3)
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Residential Aliens Anthology, Volume 1
Edited by Lyndon Perry

A Lost Genre GuildTM Book, Published by ResAliens
In association with The Writer's Cafe Press (2007)

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223 pages, 6x9 Perfect Bound, Trade Paperback
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ISBN-13: 978-1-934284-07-0