Micro-Fiction Contest

The Contest Is Closed!
The Winners are Announced in
Issue 4 - October 2007


The Contest Closed September 15, 2007, but FYI...

Announcing ResAliens First Contest!
Super Flash Fiction In Under 100 words!

Now that's telling a short story. Want to give it a try? Well here's your chance. Our "Micro-Fiction Contest" is underway. Residential Aliens is accepting quick shots of flash fiction now through September 15th.

Rules: 100 words or less, G & PG themed stories only. Fantasy/Sci-Fi preferred, but not required. Multiple submissions and re-prints okay, but prefer originals.

Format: In a .doc or .rtf file, include - in this order - your title, your byline, word count, your 100 word or less story, 2 line bio and website, and whether your submission is original or if previously published, where. Email your entry to lyn @ rightthinking . net. Please type SUBMISSION in the subject line. (See our Submission Guidelines.)

Judging: An impartial panel will judge every entry and select the top 10 stories for publication. I'll send every story to the committee as an anonymous entry, although I do reserve the right to make the final call for publication. Bwahahah. (Oh, did I say that out loud?)

Prizes: The top 10 stories will be featured in a special issue of Residential Aliens. And I may even come up with something cool to send the winners by then the Top Story's Author will get an e-book by Donna Sundblad - either her fantasy novel, Windwalker, or her book for writers, Pumping Your Muse. And second place will get what first place leaves on the table!

At the very least, all published participants will win bragging rights and a conversation starter at your next visit to The Alien's Pub.

Writing Tips: For those interested in writing engaging micro-fiction, first, begin with the end in mind. Formulate your 'zinger' or twist that resolves the set-up, then work backward. Second, let it all out and don't worry about word count initially. You'll probably end up with a 110 to 115 word story. Then, third, edit the heck out of it. Snip, nip, and tuck. Maintain your voice, but eliminate padding; micro-fiction is concise! And finally, get some feedback. Have a friend look at it for simplicity, comprehension, and enjoyment.

So get writing! Looking forward to reading your stories.
Best wishes! Lyn