Review of Laws and Prophecies by LS King

Laws and Prophecies by LS King

Laws and Prophecies is the fourth book (Book 3, actually, plus a prequel) in L.S. King's Sword's Edge Chronicles. I had the privilege of beta reading her first sword & planet novel, Sword's Edge, about ten years ago or more and very much enjoyed her world-building. “Sword & Planet” is kind of like science fiction in a fantasy setting – a medieval world but manipulated by aliens with superior technology.

The series follows a clan of Rangers charged with keeping order in their home world. They were colonized there by the Enaisi, an advanced civilization that gave them a charter on how to live simply and peaceably. Of course, life on this new planet is not paradise and thus the adventures in this series.

Here's the blurb to Sword's Edge Chronicles Book Three, Laws and Prophecies:

Thane Alcandhor is assailed from all sides: treason within his clan, conspiracies from kin, and turmoil due to the return of the aliens known as the Enaisi. When hit by a final onslaught—rebellion by provincial lords threatening to set up their own despotic princedoms, Alcandhor is forced to choose between upholding their laws and fulfilling ancient, haunting prophecies.

So yes, there are prophecies but they aren't the typically annoying fantasy world prophecies that populate so many YA sagas. Sword's Edge involves an expansive plot, is broad in scope yet tightly told, and features characters you'll care about.

My only complaint about this 'final' book is that it's not the final installment. I felt the story could have ended without a cliff-hanger about 100 pages prior to the cliff-hanger ending and would have been more satisfying as a stand-alone story. But heh, it means there's another novel coming some day!

Recommended for those who enjoy relatively clean adventure stories (no real cussing, although there is some violence) along with a space and fantasy setting. Here's the Goodreads series page.

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