Review of The Italian Secrerary

The Italian Secretary
by Caleb Carr

Blurb: At the invitation of the Conan Doyle Estate, Caleb Carr has created a new adventure for Holmes and Watson, set in the grandeur of Holyrood Palace in the twilight of Queen Victoria's reign. (Paperback, 288 pages, published 2015 by Sphere, first published 2005)

Reviewed by Lyndon Perry
4 Stars

The audio version of this novel is excellent. The voice characterization is amazing and submerges you into the golden age of Sherlock performance (for me, that means the television era of the 1980s/90s).

However, you're going to have to love that era and really enjoy Conan Doyle's writing style if you're going to like this book. It's not a fast-paced, thrill-a-minute story. It's historical, it's literary, it's, well, Sherlockian.

And Caleb Carr captures the essence of the original perfectly. The plot isn't that memorable but the fun is in experiencing the whole adventure. Recommended for die-hard Conan Doyle fans.

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