While the Morning Stars Sing

An Anthology of Spiritual Infused Speculative Fiction

More than 30 short stories, poems, and illustrations, make up this collection of speculative fiction with a spiritual thread running through the whole volume. From science fiction and fantasy to magic realism and supernatural thriller, this new volume from ResAliens Press introduces readers to new and established writers who can not only tell great tales but at the same time touch on eternal themes.

The authors and artists who contributed to this volume, include: Pete Mesling, Aaron Polson, Steve Goble, Breanna R. Teintze, Rodney J. Smith, Stoney M. Setzer, Jonathan D. Stiffy, Marshal Latham, Margaret Karmazin, Jonathan Shipley, Cate Gardner, Rachel Starr Thomson, T. J. McIntyre, J. J. Steinfeld, Rachel Kolar, Mark Joseph Kiewlak, Michael W. Garza, R. L. Copple, Fred Warren, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Joyce Frohn, Carole McDonnell, Kat Heckenbach, Ray Foy, Harper Hull, S. J. Higbee, Jeff Draper, Richard H. Fay, John C. Mannone, Brad Foster, and Lance Red (cover artist).


Available at:
CreateSpace (paperback)
+ Smashwords (all e-formats, coming soon)
+ Barnes and Noble (Nook, coming soon)
+ Amazon (Kindle, coming soon)


Stephanie Allen Crist said...

Any way to get an update when it's available for the Kindle?

Lyn Perry said...

Hmm, I will probably just post it on the blog and website. Thanks for asking. It won't be super soon as I'm starting up grad classes again in the evenings soon. Stay tuned to FB/Goodreads/this blog, etc.

Stephanie Allen Crist said...

Okay. Good luck with your classes. Graduate school is fun, but it can be challenging too--hopefully a good kind of challenge.