Redding Up for Guests

Used to live in Western PA (pronounced P-A for you'ns who are a little backward and don't want to come with) and we'd red up the house if we knew company was comin'. Gotta love regional dialect. At any rate, ready or not, we'll soon be hosting a couple of writers here in our neck of the woods (or in PA it would be down here in the holler).

First up? Ty Johnston is coming February 2nd. He's going to make a confession. Stay tuned, but so that you know what you're in for, here's his cred:

Fantasy author Ty Johnson’s latest e-book novel, Demon Chains, has recently been released. As a way to promote Demon Chains, and because he enjoys meeting new people online, Ty is taking part in a blog tour running from February 1 through February 29. His novels include City of Rogues, Bayne’s Climb and Ghosts of the Asylum, all of which are available for the Kindle , the Nook and online at Smashwords. To learn more about Ty and his writing, follow him at his blog tyjohnston.blogspot.com.

So be on the lookout for Ty around the web and be sure to check out his books. Then, check back here for his guest post and for other writers making an appearance. In fact, here's his schedule:

Below is [the first half of] my schedule for my February 2012 blog tour. I'll be updating this list as details solidify. If you would like me to appear on your blog, please let me know. And, just to clarify, I don't mind guest posting on blogs I've appeared at before, I'm just trying to reach out a little more, so if I have appeared at your blog, please don't think that means I'm not interested in doing so again. Make sense?

Feb. 1 -- Indie Book Blogger
Feb. 2 -- Residential Aliens
Feb. 3 -- Colin McComb
Feb. 4 -- Journal of a New Guy
Feb. 5 -- Ben Dobson
Feb. 6 -- Scott Fitzgerald Gray
Feb. 7 -- Darrin Drader
Feb. 8 -- Weblog of Zoe Winters

Feb. 9 -- Carson Craig, nascent novelist
Feb. 10 -- Derek J. Canyon: Adventures in ePublishing
Feb. 11 -- Uri Kurlianchik: D&D Kids
Feb. 12 -- James Grenton's Blog
Feb. 13 -- Greg Hamerton 

Also, you can catch me asking fellow writer Hugh Howey about his new SF series of interrelated novellas called Wool. These stories are tearing up the charts at Amazon. I'll be back with an indepth review, but for now you can catch over 100 5 star reviews right here. That is nothing short of amazing.

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