The Shadow Chaser: Resurgence

Check out Randy Belaire's latest novel, The Resurgance, a new book from the Shadow Chaser Chronicles - a tale of super human fiction.

For a decade, Dr. Arthur Brown has been protecting the city of Toronto as the Shadow Chaser. However, one unfortunate night had changed his life forever. He was able to heal and move on, but the Shadow Chaser was no more. Now 20 years later, that same evil has returned to prey on the innocent. Brown, with the help of his friend, Alexander Taylor, prepare for the war against evil. Brown chooses Kevin Wolf, a dispirited seventeen-year-old, damaged by the loss of the love of his life at the hands of that prevailing evil. But will the new Shadow Chaser be able to fend off the impending darkness, or will he sink once more into a self-imposed abyss?

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by Randal J. Belaire

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