The Muse by Fred Warren

A friend and fellow Kansan, Fred Warren (he blogs at Frederation), has published his first book, The Muse, a contemporary fantasy novel just released by Splashdown Books. While I've not read it yet, it's on my Christmas list and so far has garnered some nice reviews at Amazon and B&N.

Here's the official blurb:
Stan Marino needs a muse. He's written himself into a corner...again. A shot of inspiration is all he needs to finish his story...where is he going to find it? What Stan doesn't know: Inspiration has found him. And it's about to take over his life. Ripped from reality, he must lead a band of lost souls in a life-or-death battle with a merciless enemy. Stan has found his muse, but will he survive it?
Splashdown Books is the brainchild of Grace Bridges, author of Faith Awakened. Billed as an independent publisher of inspirational science fiction and fantasy, this small press is based out of New Zealand and has similar goals as my own ResAliens Press. We both want to broaden the category of faith-informed speculative fiction. So toward that end, congratulations to both Grace and Fred in bringing another product to market. I look forward to reading it.

BTW, You can view the book trailer here. And here's the ad:

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