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ResAliens Featured Authors & Their Books
+ Barr, Brandon ~ When the Sky Fell
+ Cox, Patrick G. ~ Out of Time
+ Copple, R.L. ~ Infinite Realities
+ Devine, Daniel ~ War on the Blind Sea
+ Duncan, George L. ~ A Cold and Distant Memory
+ Duncan, George L. ~ A Wine Red Silence
+ Ehart, Michael ~ The Servant of the Manthycore
+ Lynch, Mike ~ When the Sky Fell

Alien Reciprocity
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+ Brandon Barr's Christian Science Fiction
+ Colin P. Davies, author of Tall Tales On The Iron Horse
+ The Crotchety Old Fan, Science Fiction for Old Farts
+ Don Webb's Bewildering Stories
+ Horror-Watch Market Place
+ Jeff Alan's Bonescribble
+ La Lune Bleue Planete
+ Merrie Destefano's Alien Dream
+ Michael Arnzen's Gorelets
+ Mike Wever's Wanderings
+ Mirtika's Mirathon
+ NorthPoint ~ A New Speculative Fiction Magazine
+ Olga's Surviving the Fictional
+ Post-Weird Thoughts
+ Terry Ervin's List of Markets
+ T.J. McIntyre's Southern Fried Weirdness

Alien-esque Publications
+ Coach's Midnight Diner
+ Double-Edged Publishing
+ Dragons, Knights, & Angels
+ Fear and Trembling
+ Marcher Lord Press
+ MindFlights
+ Ray Gun Revival
+ The Sword Review
+ Wayfarers Journal
+ The Writers' Cafe Press

Some Alien Friends, Books, & Sites
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+ Bridges, Grace ~ Author of the Apocalyptic thriller, Faith Awakened
+ Christian SF&F Blog Tour ~ Shining the Light on Christian Sci-Fi & Fantasy
+ Christian Sci-Fi & Fantasy Central ~ One Truth. One Way. One Goal.
+ A Christian Worldview of Fiction ~ The Blog of Rebecca LuElla Miller
+ Creed, Frank ~ Author of the Cyberpunk novel, Flashpoint
+ Doyle, Steve ~ Contributor to the Antho, Light at the Edge of Darkness
+ The Edge of Belief ~ Christian Antho Call for Subs (Closes July 1, 2008)
+ Fabian, Rob & Karina ~ Editors of the Antho, Infinite Space, Infinite God
+ FabianSpace ~ Karina Fabian on Fiction, Faith & Fun
+ Hokstad, Caprice ~ Author The Duke's Handmaid & Nor Iron Bars a Cage
+ Infinite Space, Infinite God ~ An Anthology of Catholic Speculative Fiction
+ Jack's Fiction Blog ~ Jack Stinson, author of Hard Pursuit and High Street
+ Light at the Edge of Darkness ~ Anthology of Biblical Speculative Fiction
+ The Lost Genre Guild ~ LGG Blog for Biblical Speculative Fiction
+ Speculative Faith ~ Christians Exploring Speculative Literature
+ Sundblad, Donna ~ Author of the Fantasy novel Windwalker
+ Weaver, Daniel ~ Fiction to Scare the Jesus Into You
+ Where the Map Ends ~ Home of Christian Speculative Fiction

Various Writer's Forums
+ Critique Circle ~ A Writer's Critique Forum
+ Every Day Fiction ~ Forums for EDF Authors & Readers
+ The Herscher Project ~ Community of Writers and Artists
+ Realms of Fantasy ~ Community Forums for Fantasy Lovers
+ SFReader.com ~ Forums for Speculative Fiction Lovers
+ The Slush Pile ~ A Writing Workshop Website For Beginners

+ Strange Worlds of Lunacy ~ Galaxy's Silliest Anthology
+ Residential Aliens Anthology ~ Purchase Volume 1 Now
+ Partial Review of ResAliens Volume 1

+ Bloggin' Outloud ~ My Reading & Reviewing Blog
+ Crash Landings ~ Where This Alien Has Landed
+ MicroSpec ~ Short Bursts of Spec Fic (on hiatus)
+ Thought Renewal ~ (Very) Occasional Self-Help Blog

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