ResAliens Books

ResAliens Books is an imprint of Tule Fog Press.

We publish speculative fiction with a spiritual thread. The publications below are available for purchase by direct order only. Our storefront is currently being built. In the meantime, for a catalogue, price list, or information on buying wholesale and becoming an affiliate distributor, email TuleFogPress at gmail dot com.

ResAliens #6 

Coming Jan/Feb 2023! 
Table of Contents and Cover Reveal by the end of December, 2022.
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ResAliens #5

Featured stories:
+ "Where the Sun Don’t Shine" by Jeff Parish
+ "Not Your Kind of Heathen" by Erin M. Kinch
+ "The Noble Experiment" by Pat R. Steiner
+ "Rockets Over Éireann" by Kristen Lee Knapp
+ "A Heroine’s Death" by Billy Wong
+ "Azieran: Lokxenthuul" by Christopher Heath
+ "Protein" by Gustavo Bondoni
+ Cover art by Jason Zampol

Issue 5 features 7 dark fantasy stories that, while not necessarily spiritual in nature, definitely touch on some eternal, if a bit disturbing, themes. Also included is an interview with the cover artist, Jason Zampol, and a review by Fred Warren of the space opera anthology, Zero Gravity.

ResAliens #4

Featured stories:
+ "Fishing the Moons of Jupiter" by Jason Rizos
+ "Overgrown" by Stoney M. Setzer
+ "Immortals" by Leah Darrow
+ "End of Eden" by Shane Collins
+ "Salieri" by Marina Julie Neary
+ "The King of Infinite Space" by Jason Reynolds
+ "Testament" by Michael C. Lea
+ Cover art by Aaron C. Wirtz

This "generally speculative" issue features stories of an eclectic nature. Kind of like the cover art, they're hard to categorize. We have science fiction, sure, but also historical fiction and future apocalypse. Guest editor, John Ottinger III selected these 7 stories and provides an editorial as well.

ResAliens #3

Featured stories:
+ "Dust Country" by Daniel W. Powell
+ "Doctor Gleson" by Margaret Karmazin & Janet Amalia Weinberg
+ "Going for the Gold" by William Avett
+ "Emperor Fred" by Samuel Choy
+ "The People of Terra Firma" by Edward McKeown
+ "Dusty Roads" by Malin Larsson
+ "Infinity in Her Eyes" by George L. Duncan
+ "Redemption" by T. M. Hunter
+ Cover art by Brad Foster

Issue 3 features an 'alien' theme - the good kind and the, um, not so good kind - and boasts 8 stories that will either give you the creeps or make you laugh. Or both as the case may be. This issue also includes a book review by Jacob Edwards of Tom Holt's Blonde Bombshell.

ResAliens #2

Featured stories:
+ "The Matter of Dalgatto" by David M. Pitchford
+ "Servant of Fate" by Megan Arkenberg
+ "Blood and Brothers" by Alice M. Roelke
+ "The Bee Stone" by Jasmine Giacomo
+ "The Bukler of Big Swaash" by Josef J. Hoskins
+ "The Sorcerer's Wife" by Erin M. Kinch
+ "Gram's Gift" by Steve Goble
+ Cover art by Garret DeChellis

Issue 2 features 7 short stories of fantasy from David M. Pitchford’s historical pirate adventure to Megan Arkenberg’s Arthurian piece. If you’re into dragons and danger, you’ll enjoy Alice M. Roelke’s fiction, and if you like humor, Josef J. Hoskins delivers. Jasmine Giacomo’s story has the flavor of a fairy tale mystery, while Erin M. Kinch’s piece delves into sorcery, temptation, and love. Rounding out the issue is Steve Goble’s dark fantasy.

ResAliens #1

Featured stories:
+ "Of All Things, Seen and Unseen" by Fred Warren
+ "A Measure of the Depth" by R. E. Diaz
+ "Harry and the Underworld" by Patrick G. Cox
+ "Learning the Ropes" by Dan Devine
+ "Return to Sender" by Michael W. Garza
+ "Venus Theotokos" by John Farrell
+ Cover art by Garret DeChellis

In this premier issue, we are proud to bring together 6 authors who will pilot us on a sci-fi journey into alien space. From our own solar system’s asteroid belt to the far reaches of the galaxy, you’ll be transported on a fantastical journey where you’ll encounter mystery, miracles, suspense, surprise, and even a bit of humor. Enjoy the ride!

Residential Aliens Anthology, Volume 1 
Edited by Lyndon Perry, Cover Art by S. Perry

This anthology boasts 24 stories of Speculative Fiction with a Spiritual Thread.

Featured authors include: Andy Bowers, James K Bowers, Rob Carr, Patrick G Cox, D S Crankshaw, Merrie Destefano, Dan Devine, George L Duncan, Dave Gudeman, Rick McQuiston, Alex Moisi, Curtis Schweitzer, Stoney M Setzer, G Glyn Shull Jr, and Gerry Sonnenschein.

This volume spans the speculative fiction spectrum, from sci-fi to fantasy, from cosmic wonder to Hades horrors. It will soon be available for direct purchase through our new storefront. If you can't wait, contact Tule Fog Press to inquire about buying a copy now, either e-book, PDF, or paperback. 

While the Morning Stars Sing
Edited by Lyndon Perry, Cover Art by Lance Red

Contributors include: Pete Mesling, Aaron Polson, Steve Goble, Breanna R. Teintze, Rodney J. Smith, Stoney M. Setzer, Jonathan D. Stiffy, Marshal Latham, Margaret Karmazin, Jonathan Shipley, Cate Gardner, Rachel Starr Thomson, T. J. McIntyre, J. J. Steinfeld, Rachel Kolar, Mark Joseph Kiewlak, Michael W. Garza, R. L. Copple, Fred Warren, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Joyce Frohn, Carole McDonnell, Kat Heckenbach, Ray Foy, Harper Hull, S. J. Higbee, Jeff Draper, Richard H. Fay, John C. Mannone, Brad Foster.

While the Morning Stars Sing features more than 30 short stories, poems, and illustrations. This collection of spiritually infused speculative fiction ranges from SF and fantasy to magic realism and supernatural thriller and showcases both new and established writers who will keep you pondering their stories long after you set this volume down.