Review of Quest Beyond the Stars by Edmond Hamilton

Review by Lyn Perry

Wow, this was pretty bad. Even if it was written in 1940s, the science was terrible and the prose was worse. It read like a rejected Tom Swift book - with the requisite superfluous adverbs - but the target audience wasn't juveniles. Quest Beyond the Stars by Edmond Hamilton really stretches the definition of pulp space opera. 

The plot is linear and uninspired: Captain Future and his crew think and fight their way through every tough situation without so much as breaking a sweat in pursuit of their quest, which I can't even remember what it was. Which is fine, adventure heroes are supposed to do that. But the solutions were mostly deus ex machina in nature and the payoff was a foregone solution. So 1 1/2 stars for effort? 

(Note: This short novel is #9 in a series of about 20 books written by various authors in the early 1940s. So maybe other Captain Future books were better. But I won't be finding out unless I have absolutely nothing else to read.)

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