Monsters! Anthology Call for Subs

The good folks at A Flame in the Dark are putting out a call for submissions to their new anthology, Monsters! Here are some pertinent details.
First, you don't have to deal with classic monsters. You can make up your own creature, or use variations on nontraditional themes. However, if you do choose to write about a more traditional monster (like vampires and werewolves, for example), classic movie rules apply. Silver hurts werewolves. Vampires hate garlic and crosses, have a severe sun allergy, and can be killed with a stake through the heart.

And speaking of classic monster movies, think about your favorites as you write. Stories can be serious, or perhaps a little cheesy (humorously so). Imagine your story playing on-screen at a 50s or 60s drive-in. We're going for pulp, here.

Stories must also contain an element of faith. As the website's title suggests, A Flame in the Dark is about shining a light in the darkness.
They're accepting stories from 500 to 7500 words. Submission deadline is May 31, 2012 with a publication date set for October. Participating authors will receive a contributor copy of the anthology. Be sure to read their submission guidelines for all the info. Sounds like a fun, frightful - and inspiringly delightful - collection. I'll be submitting a story, for sure.


Stoney M. Setzer said...

Thanks for posting this! I am SO doing this...

ResAliens said...

Monsters with a spiritual subtext? Right up our alley! :)