Book Review - White Tiger by Kylie Chan

Received a complimentary advance review copy of White Tiger by Kylie Chan, the first of an urban fantasy trilogy originally released in 2006/07 in Australia via HarperCollins Voyager.

Here's a description from Kylie's website: When 28-year-old Emma Donahoe becomes a nanny to John Chen’s daughter, Simone, she does not expect to be drawn into a world of martial arts, magic, and extreme danger, where both gods and demons can exist in the mortal world.

Emma gradually realises that John Chen is no ordinary businessman and that nearly all the demons in hell would like to see him dead. John and his American bodyguard, Leo, begin to teach Emma their particular brand of martial arts and special defensive techniques...they also begin to realise that there is something that is different about Emma but exactly what it is, nobody can say.

Since I didn't have time to read this novel (and am not extremely well-versed in urban fantasy), I gave it to a friend of mine named Cathy who enjoys this genre. She writes:
White Tiger is the first in a series of books filled with Chinese philosophy and culture. The author brings mythological gods to human form while weaving a story steeped in Asian sword-slinging action. The story is centered on a western nanny trained to become a demon slayer. Mild romance combined with good character development keeps you reading, though mostly out of curiosity as to what happens next...but perhaps not enough to make you want to buy the second book. The copy I received was not yet ready for western publication as it had many grammatical errors* but nothing a good editor couldn't fix.
Thanks, Cathy, for giving us your initial impression. For other reviews, visit:

* Note: The advance review copy I received came from Angry Robot Books which was going to release the The Dark Heavens Trilogy in the US/Canada. However, ARB just announced they've left HarperCollins UK and are now part of Osprey Publishing Group. Here's the Press Release and FAQ for those who are interested. BTW, the image to the right is the HarperCollins Voyager cover while the top book cover is no longer.

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ResAliens said...

Received a comment regarding the grammatical errors my reviewer mentioned: "I've read the books twice and found nothing..."

Appreciate that feedback. As I haven't read the book myself, I'm not sure what examples my reviewer had in mind. Like I mentioned, we received an advance review copy and I should have stated that on the cover of the book it said "Uncorrected Proof." So that may explain some things.