The Chronicles of the Sithining

The Chronicles of the Sithining
by Michael W. Garza

Airious finds himself an unlikely hero as a devastating disease called the Sithining forever changes his world. When he discovers that the Sithining is far from the local plague it is thought to be, the truth will not only change Airious’ life forever but possibly the fate of the entire world. In Volume I, Race Against Time, Airious is forced to embrace his hero’s role when he is chosen by a holy relic, the Blade of Light, as its first wielder in over three hundred years. But is he up for the challenge?

In Volume II, Stains of War, we follow Airious and the Champions of the Blade of Light as they fight to free the city of Karthol from the clutches of the Priests of the True Faith in the hope of uniting all the races of Preyll against the black army of Azuel.

Into the Abyss, Volume III in the Chronicles of the Sithining, follows the remaining Champions of the Blade of Light as they risk their lives to journey into the depths of the abyss in the hope that Airious can fulfill his destiny and save the soul of a fallen friend.

All three volumes are available now at the ResAliens' Amazon Storefront. For more information on this high fantasy adventure series by Michael W. Garza, visit The Sithining.

Michael W. Garza is a writer from southern California. By day he works in the national security field as an Acquisition Security Program Manager. With the little free time he has he focuses on his family and his love of writing fantasy, science fiction & horror.

You can read two of his science fiction short stories for free at ResAliens.com. "Red Horizon" is a Martian mystery piece, while "Return to Sender" is a humorous take on accepted scientific knowledge. In fact, John Ottinger III favorably reviews this story (among others) at Grasping for the Wind. "Return to Sender" was chosen by ResAliens Press to appear in the first issue of their new print zine, which can be purchased here.

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