2 Questions for Sue Dent

Interviewing Sue Dent, a writer of stories that appeal to general market horror/fantasy/fiction readers as well as those who favor narrowly targeted work put out by affiliated Christian publishers.

1. What are you reading?

The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns & Fairies by Robert Kirk, also known as the "fairy" minister. It's research for the third installment in my vampire/werewolf Thirsting for Blood series. Robert Kirk was the seventh son of a seventh son and was therefore predispositioned to have second-sight. In his book Kirk details visits he had with others like him. It was probably written in the late 1600s but was first published in 1815 by Sir Walter Scott. Robert Kirk was a minister and the first to translate the Bible into Gaelic.

2. What are you writing?

I'm currently working on Cyn No More, the third installment of my Thirsting for Blood series. Vampires and werewolves and . . . fairies? In recent news concerning the series here in the US, both Never Ceese and Forever Richard were approved for distribution to the Christian market. (RA Note: For more on the trials and travails of bridging the ABA/CBA gap, visit Sue Dent's Official Blog Spot.)

RA: Thanks, Sue, for sharing what's in and out of the creative pipeline. Best wishes on book three! For more information about Sue and her projects, you can catch her on Facebook and at her publisher's website, The Writers' Cafe Press. Both books have their own sites as well: Never Ceese and Forever Richard.

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Sue Dent said...

Oh ya'll soooo rock! ;) Also, I just learned that I will be on a paranormal literary panel at this years Vampire Film Festival in New Orleans, LA. The date is October 25th and information will soon be listed on the website. :)

Thank-you to all my fans and readers! I couldn't have done it without you and I wouldn't even try.

God Bless,
Sue Dent