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Adam Graham, of Laser & Sword told ResAliens recently that they are now featuring free web serials adapted from their quarterly magazine, Laser & Sword.
"In the true spirit of serial fiction, we're going to give you a couple short scenes and then you'll get to wait until next week to see what happens."
Sounds good to me!

Adam also said that individual issues of Laser & Sword can still be downloaded for $1.25 each. A print edition of Laser & Sword Annual 2008 (cover to the right, the volume contains all four issues of 2008) is also available.

There are currently three serials being posted:

1. In Rise of the Judge, Snyder, a juvenile delinquent living in Boise during the 78th Year of the Empire, loathes Earth's dictator while hailing the regime's American governor as a hero. Getting caught meting out vigilante justice on the Boise Greenbelt gets him inducted into the Imperial Army under threat of a noose. Can a double agent get Snyder back on the right track? Will Snyder survive to discover his destiny?

2. In Order of the Sword, the Sword (Sword Comics owner Jesse Miller) seeks to defeat terrorism by uniting the world's greatest superheros. Will he learn who the bad guys are that masquerading as good guys before the traitor in their midst sends the heroes to their doom?

3. In Tales of the Dim Knight, mild mannered janitor Dave Johnson discovers a symbiotic alien and this superfan's dreams of being a superhero come true with hilarious results. One question haunts: can there be such a thing as a good Symbiot, even if he is a silver cylinder rather than black tar?

Best wishes, Adam, as you provide another great venue for fans of modern pulp serials.

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