Issue 8

Issue 8: April to September, 2008

#08.13 ~ The Bukler of Big Swaash by Joe Hoskins (3000 words)

+ An evil enchantress is wreaking havoc in the land, and King Haracson must hire a hero before it's too late! But is the 'back up' champion up to the challenge? You'll find out in this humorous swashbuckling fantasy.
“This is the latest copy of the ‘Courageous Quarterly.’ The pages are filled with every sort of hero the land has to offer. ‘Heroes for every occasion’ is their claim.”

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#08.12a ~ Crystal Clear (Beginning) by David Rawls
#08.12b ~ Crystal Clear (Conclusion) by David Rawls

+ This 5 chapter novella grapples with the idea that God's existence can be tested and verified. It's up to magician and psychic debunker, Howard Marlin to prove the wacky caller wrong. But will he be able to?
“I’m Lonnie Decree,” the caller replied. “I have been given special powers by God, the purpose of which is to allow testing to convince skeptics such as yourself of His reality.”

#08.11 ~ Featured Artist: E.J. Mickels II (aka Hisart)

+ E.J. Mickels II is a "born-again-biker-artist" with past stints as a tatooist and welder, as well as four years in the USAF. Known as Hisart online, EJ now teaches art ... in any form.
"What's my favorite medium? That's a hard one, the short answer would be ... whatever I'm holding in my hand at the moment!"

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#08.10 ~ Morning Coffee by Resha Caner (540 words)

+ What if our past is more like science fiction than our present or future?
"Whenever someone thinks of the future, it's always in some exotic far-off place. Why don't people who write these stories ever think of the future taking place right here in Illinois?"

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#08.09 ~ Space Talk by R. L. Copple (900 words)

+ Years in space didn't prepare Steve for his 'first contact' - nor did it prepare him for his last!
“Steve to Bob. Come in! I need assistance, Buddy. Please?” Is this radio broke? Is he not responding on purpose? I know I talk too much, but surely he would never have turned off our two-way.

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Comments & Editorials

From the Desk of Lyn Perry...
+ March 23, 2008 ~ Happy Easter!
+ March 17, 2008 ~ Happy St. Patrick's Day!
+ February 29, 2008 ~ Happy Intercalary Year!

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#08.03 ~ A Measure of the Depth by R. E. Diaz
#08.02 ~ The People of Terra Firma by Edward McKeown
#08.01 ~ Punny Stories by Alexander, Devine, & Setzer

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