Featured Artist - Max V. Nimos

This issue's interview features Max V. Nimos - an artist, a photographer, and author residing in Texas. ResAliens (RA) is grateful to Max (MVN) for the opportunity to interview him and showcase some of his visual pieces. We at ResAliens are excited to discover artists committed to quality science fiction and fantasy artwork.

RA: Max, how would you describe your genre and style?

MVN: Ever since the beginning my art had one foot in the science fiction genre while the other foot was all over the place. As far as my style goes, I would loosely describe it as "super-reality", in other words, a fictitious image that looks like it could possibly be real. I also try my best to be as technically accurate and scientifically plausible whenever possible, a habit probably stemming from my engineering background.

"Illegal Alien" © Max V. Nimos
This is a satire about the paranoia
projected by our strong, powerful leaders.

RA: How long have you been creating art?

MVN: My analog art began when I was a child and by the time I was 17 I spent more time drawing than doing school homework. I still don't know how I ever managed to pass all my classes. My digital art began on my first computer in 1987, but really took off in 1998 when I got a new computer, new software, new inspiration and new motivation.

RA: What is your preferred medium and what program do you use to create your artwork?

MVN: I started out with pencil and pen, then migrated to acrylic on canvas, and now it's all digital. Although I do most of my modeling and texture mapping in Softimage XSI, I still use Bryce for my final renders. I find it very user-friendly and a pleasure to use. An image editor for postwork, and a digital camera for texture collecting completes my set of tools.

"Orion Gorge" © Max V. Nimos
This was just a random inspiration; it's a scene
of a famous vacation spot on another planet.

RA: You've written a novel, Maxandria. Tell us about this project.

MVN: Well, since you bring it up, Maxandria began in 1999 as a fun, innocent little project to show off my art to my friends. But then, after a series of ideas and inspirations, it quickly evolved into a story, and by 2002 it became a novel which I've been tweaking and refining to this day. It's a mystery/adventure story for all ages consisting of several underlying themes that range from simple human survival to cosmically deep concepts. I can't give away too much, but the story is basically about an ordinary family that becomes lost at sea and stumbles upon the residence of some extraordinary people. Hopefully I will get it properly published before I get old.

"Horseman in Peril" © Max V. Nimos
With this one I wanted to see if I can put together a
quick, fun image using some of the wonderful Daz models.

RA: Any recommendations for upcoming artists or novelists?

MVN: If you love being creative but think your work is not very good, keep working at it and someday you may surprise yourself. You are never too old to learn.

"Christmas Under Saturn" © Max V. Nimos
This image is about our future explorers that
decide to celebrate Christmas away from home.

RA: Thanks again, Max, for sharing your time and gifts with the readers of ResAliens. Fans can find more of your art and photography to admire or purchase at...

MVN: www.maxvnimos.com