Issue Number 2.5

Residential Aliens
Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars

"Cuisine d'Ogre"
Cover Art © Richard Svensson
"Sometimes cooking is a pain in the neck for both the chef and the meal."

Residential Aliens
Issue 2.5 - Mid-August, 2007
ISSN Pending


  • Dirty Jobs (575 words)
    A flash fiction and spiritual horror story by Merrie Destefano
    "That's quite a dossier, Berg. Didn't realize you were on our side."

  • Colossus (2465 words)
    A science fiction story set in our near? future by Curtis Schweitzer
    "The rest of the day passes without any major incidents. We only have to execute one member of Team 13 for complaining about the rations..."

  • The Pride of the Tribe (4600 words)
    Part 1 of a 2-part Native American spiritual journey by Dan Devine
    "I intend to follow the tracks of our warriors and learn the tale of their fate so that the story of my father and his kinsmen will not be lost."

  • A Ship of Heaven? (2945 words)
    A high seas/deep space, sci-fi fantasy adventure by Patrick G. Cox
    "Them as are with us says it be a ship, but it is naught like any ship I've seen," whispered Danny.

  • The Other End of the Rainbow (1445 words)
    Part 2 of a "leprechaunal" fantasy serial by M. Vance
    "So you're an Overworlder, are you? You seem a lot shorter than the Overworlders that I've heard tell of."

  • Featured Artist: Richard Svensson (880 words, 4 art pieces)
    An interview with Swedish creative artist Richard Svensson, showcasing his cover art and fantasy paintings. Plus a bonus poem "A Leprechaun's Tale" written by Steve Doyle and illustrated by Svensson.

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