Featured Artist - Frida M Bergholtz

Introducing Our Featured Artist

Frida is an avid D&D role playing gamer who works, creates, and lives with her husband and her dog Tellus in Malmö, Sweden. She says, "I play role playing games whenever I get the opportunity and enjoy all kinds of nerdy hobbies. RPGs are also my greatest source of inspiration. I have just graduated from my graphic design class and am now trying to get by as an illustrator."

ResAliens (RA) is very excited to interview Frida M. Bergholtz (FMB) for our September issue and feature some of her art below. She has a gallery at Elfwood and is developing her own site, so watch for that.

RA: Frida, welcome to Residential Aliens. And thank you for illustrating our cover. Coordinating the cover art with a particular story - as well as the issue's theme of relational sorrow - was a first for our zine. What inspiration did Misunderstood by Rick McQuiston provide?

FMB: I thought the story was excellent. I really liked the idea of a zombie with feelings. I tried to imagine what it would be like turning into a zombie, loosing everything you love. What immediately came to my mind when I read the story was the image of two zombies comforting each other - maybe one of them could show the other a picture of someone he knew in life. I started out drawing this but something never quite felt right. So I went for a bit more subtle approach. I hope you like it.

RA: We do! "Sorrows Never Die" is a very evocative painting. What other creative endeavors are you engaged in? For pay, enjoyment or both?

FMB: Right now I am starting a business as a freelance illustrator. So I am mostly working on my portfolio and webpage. I like to make book covers and to design company logos. In my spare time I like to paint miniatures, paint in oil, make clay sculptures ... and sing a lot.

RA: You have such a variety of styles. Tell me about Leonore.

FMB: Leonore is my role playing character. She is a sorceress, a noblewoman and a young mother. Since the world she lives in is heavily influenced by the medieval times I thought it would be fun to draw a picture of her in a medieval style. I am very interested in art history so it was a lot of fun to do.

RA: How long have you been illustrating role playing game characters? Who is your favorite?

FMB: For as long as I have been playing role playing games, so that would be seventeen years. One character that always seems to appear on my paper is Shakti. She is a hedonistic nutcase with a diabolic heritage.

RA: Describe the 2007 Gamers Fantasy Pinup Calendar project.

FMB: I usually draw my characters naked before I put clothes on them. Sometimes they never get any clothes. The rest of my all male gaming group tend to like those pictures best. So I decided to make them a calendar with my characters for a present. The general idea was to make pinup girls who seemed to have more on their agenda than posing and looking pretty. The calendar is one of my best works yet and will be available to buy.

RA: Since it is a pinup (and we're a PG zine) I won't post a sample here, lol. They'll have to settle for Brot...

FMB: I feel sorry for the readers then, Brot is not a nice fellow and he smells.

RA: Where can fans find more of your art to purchase or admire?

FMB: All I have right now is my Elfwood Gallery, but I am working on a webpage and if you check out my gallery I will let you know as soon as it is ready.

RA: That will be great. Thank you, Frida. It has been a pleasure interviewing you and showcasing your various projects. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

All artwork on this page © Frida M. Bergholtz

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